VIDEO: DC’s ’80s Heroes Return in Convergence – IGN News


It’s clear that one of the biggest selling points of DC’s Convergence event next spring will be the fact that it brings back many characters from the company’s pre-New 52 history. This latest batch turns the clock back even further to 1980’s-era DC and the period before Crisis on Infinite Earths revamped DC’s continuity.

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VIDEO: Steam Makes Changes To Gift Trades – IGN News


Steam is changing the way players can trade gift games. In a brief announcement on the Steam website earlier today, the digital-download service confirmed that whilst you can still send your friends gift games, you won’t be able trade any titles purchased as gifts for thirty days.

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VIDEO: Star Wars Trailer Confirmed to Debut This Weekend – IGN News


he Regal Cinemas chain have now confirmed the Star Wars trailer is coming on Friday via their website, noting it can be seen from November 28th through November 30th at all movies playing in select theaters – as in every single film playing at these specific theaters will be showing the Star Wars trailer.

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