VIDEO: SNTV – Taylor Swift Shines on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show


Taylor Swift may have had a busy few weeks jetting around Europe but the 24 year-old wasn’t slowing down now that she was back in LA. The former Country and Western singer arrived at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Hollywood for a live performance of her latest hit Shake it Off.

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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Gets Burned by Madeleine Albright in Twitter War


It’s a war of the words between Conan O’Brien and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright – and it’s hilarious! On Thursday, the late night host took to Twitter to joke about his Halloween costume idea. “I picked out my Halloween costume. I’m going as “Slutty Madeleine Albright,” he wrote. Much to everyone’s surprise, the politician fought back with a ...

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VIDEO: The New Face of Transgender Youth


What defines gender? Is it biology, the heart and mind, or some combination of both? As the debate surrounding transgender children swirls, one girl is sharing her personal story with Katie Couric in the hope that she can help others.

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VIDEO: Kim Kardashian: North 'Will Have to Work for What She Wants’


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be two of the biggest names in Hollywood but don’t expect their daughter to have everything handed to her on a silver platter. In an interview with the London Evening Standard magazine, Kim opened up about her 1-year-old, saying that one day she’ll have to “work for what she wants.” The reality star continued, ...

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